Woman files mesothelioma claim and Sues Numerous Companies over Mesothelioma Allegedly Caused by Secondhand Asbestos


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Belleville, Illinois – A woman is suing more than 30 corporations, alleging that they were negligent in exposing employees to hazardous asbestos.

Janet Cline, a Washington (Illinois) resident, has filed multiple suits on June 2. The lawsuit, which was filed in the circuit court of St. Clair County in Illinois, names a number of companies as defendants. Cline accuses the defendant companies of negligence. The complaint states that the plaintiff’s husband was an employee of Caterpillar Incorporated. He worked with the company as a machinist between 1950 and 1990, the lawsuit states. On numerous occasions, he had to deal with or work near products containing asbestos, according to the suit. After his work, Cline’s husband brought asbestos fibers home through his work clothes, the complaint says. Cline was secondarily exposed to those asbestos fibers and, as a result, developed a catastrophic cancer called mesothelioma, the lawsuit claims.

According to the complaint, Cline was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma on May 21. The plaintiff argues that the disease could ultimately result in her death because mesothelioma is incurable. The plaintiff says the defendant corporations could definitely have known of the asbestos exposure their employees were suffering and its consequences. However, the companies were negligent in ensuring the safety of their workers and in warning them of the hazards, the suit claims. Cline is also accusing the defendants of spoliation of evidence. She alleges that the defendants wrongfully disposed of certain documents linked to their asbestos products.

Pneumo Abex and Metropolitan Insurance – two companies named as defendants in this case, are accused of conspiring with manufacturers of asbestos products for withholding info regarding the dangerous nature of their products. In her lawsuit, Cline is seeking $50,000 in compensatory damages on each of the counts, plus costs of the lawsuit.Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral, was a common ingredient in numerous commercial products use by industries including shipbuilding, construction, and automotive. Substantial exposure to asbestos could result in diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

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